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Navigating the Personal Side of Retirement (Virtual)

Whether you are considering retirement, on the verge or already retired, it is a good time to consider how to approach and live within this major life transition. If we are not structuring our lives around our jobs anymore, we are faced with becoming something new. How we adapt lies at the heart of a healthy—or not so healthy— restructuring.

In this workshop we will explore the themes to consider in approaching or actively “sitting in” the experience of retirement. Themes such as:

  • Identifying unique strengths that energize

  • Phases of retirement that many experience

  • Power of Purpose/purpose and the myths that surround it

  • How to explore and determine what's next

  • Connection and community building

  • AND, more…

We point the way with resources, insights and curiosity, and you reinvent.

Join us!

Own Your Strengths: Motherhood & the Career Pause (Virtual)

The transition from full-time professional to primary caregiver has the potential to be both fulfilling and jarring, especially at the identity level. Whether you are actively considering a return to the workforce or you're not yet at the place to consider that next step, getting re-acquainted with your unique strengths can make a difference in how you are feeling about your career pause, help you design the way forward, and redefine what success means now and in the future.

If you are ready and able to gift yourself a small chunk of time for productive self-reflection, connection and community with other women on a similar path and gain some useful resources along the way – look no further.

We're here for you. This three-session workshop series will help you identify, articulate and move forward with your unique strengths. With a goal of limited between-class work and a robust in-class experience, we aim to support you in feeling energized and excited about the strengths you hold, both in the context of future professional settings and the significant work you're currently doing to support your family.

Individual and Group Coaching

Are you interested in advancing your career, switching gears, navigating a transition or transforming your free time? Are you ready to give yourself a little space and time to work out what it is you want to do next “with your one wild and precious life"?

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