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Our Story

Our efforts are dedicated to helping you identify your unique strengths to shape a self-directed rather than other-directed life. Be less driven by forces outside yourself, while embracing transitions that point towards direction, action, purpose and reward. 


I have had the opportunity throughout my career to help individuals discover their strengths and place in the work world by sharing their gifts. I performed this work primarily within higher education in leadership roles that allowed me to provide direction and give rise to programming and services that support a path towards living our best lives both professionally and personally.


Serving as Executive Director of the Career & Internship Center at the University of Washington, a few years back I decided to try my hand at retirement. It has been a messy transition, as they often are. However, enlisting curiosity and through trial and error I found my place, working with others in the practice of embracing transitions. 

Susan Terry, Dependable Strengths Trainer, Career Specialist and Goat Herder

Meet Susan Terry

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