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Own Your Strengths
Motherhood & the Career Pause

If you are ready and able to gift yourself a small chunk of time for productive self-reflection, connection, and community with other women on a similar path and gain some useful resources along the way - look no further!

We're here for you. 

This three session workshop series will help you identify, articulate, and move forward with your unique strengths. We aim to support you in feeling energized and excited about the strengths you hold, both in terms of future professional settings and the significant work you're currently doing to support your family.

Facilitated by:
Emma O'Neill-Myers, former career services professional at the University of Washington and currently on motherhood pause with her toddler. 

Erin Lawrence Cook, Life Coach, supporting the growth of the talented people around her by centering their strengths, leveraging their experiences and fanning the flames of their creativity. 

Join Us Virtually

(from any part of the country)

Attend all three days of this virtual workshop

Friday, April 5

Saturday, April 6

Saturday, April 13


9:30 am - 11:30 am (West Coast)

12:30 pm - 2:30 pm (East Coast)

Price $175

Early Bird Special $150

Register by March 15

Contact us below to register or ask questions.

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